Wakilni And Ecomz Partnership: A Huge Boost For Local Businesses

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Wakilni has joined forces with ecomz to empower local businesses through powerful shipping and fulfillment capabilities

Wakilni And Ecomz Partnership: A Huge Boost For Local Businesses

Wakilni and ecomz team up to help merchants make the best out of their online journey!


Ecomz, the award-winning ecommerce platform, has partnered up with Wakilni, the first Lebanese shipping and fulfillment provider focused on ecommerce logistics. This collaboration is only natural as the two innovative ecommerce players teamed up to create an optimized business journey for e-retailers. 


Merchants can build their online store with ecomz, sort out all their legal paperwork, store and deliver their products all across the country through Wakilni.


That’s not all, merchants using ecomz and integrating with Wakilni can make their customers benefit exclusively from discounted shipping costs. These special rates offer enhance the customer’s  shopping experience especially since these fees can sometimes be a deal breaker.



“At Wakilni, we strongly believe in e-commerce SMEs and in their potential to grow in Lebanon and the region if empowered with the right infrastructure. We are always at the lookout for partnerships that would benefit our clients and help them grow. We are extremely excited to be partnering with ecomz. Ecommerce businesses will be able to enjoy a seamless and efficient process as a result of this partnership” - Yusr Sabra, Cofounder of Wakilni.


Together, ecomz and Wakilni can help merchants have a successful online presence by creating powerful ecommerce websites,  streamlining their processes, and ensuring safe, fast and less costly shipment. 


“Joining forces with Wakilni is not only about proposing another shipping provider in our portfolio of services but helping and supporting our clients in all their business endeavors - from product delivery and pick up, to administrative paperwork and business transactions. As part of our mission to help merchants throughout their business journey, this partnership offers an optimal and frictionless shipping solution to our clients.” - Lea El Hage, Head of marketing at ecomz.



The services offered by Wakilni and ecomz are complementary for retailers who want to grow their businesses online by easily integrating with a local courier, all from the same platform.


Even though this comes during a difficult time for Lebanon, both teams aspire to make the best out of it to help local companies overcome the political and financial turmoil. 



About ecomz

Ecomz is an award-winning ecommerce platform that allows merchants to create their dream store, manage it like a pro, grow it better and faster. It is the only solution that offers the ultimate shopping experience to customers thanks to an AI recommendation engine, a suite of advanced marketing apps, and innovative multi-channel capabilities.

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Georges Bchara, Content Marketing Manager



About Wakilni

Wakilni provides last mile delivery, storage, and fulfillment solutions to businesses and ecommerce stores. Hundreds of companies rely on Wakilni on a daily basis to deliver their goods to their customers, within 24 to 48 hours across Lebanon. At Wakilni, we are customer obsessed and offer hands-on, reactive customer support. We are fast, reachable, and always willing to go the extra mile.


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Rana Jaber, Sales and Customer Success Leader

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