Create, Manage and Grow your Online Business

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Increase Conversions

Product recommendation

  • Recommend products according to your customers real time behavior, past purchase history or trends to trigger additional purchases on complimentary products. Personalized data-driven recommendations are an excellent sales technique that boosts cross/up selling and develops basket size.

Sales boosters

  • Upsell & cross-sell: Offer your customers complementary or a slightly higher price product in order to increase your customer’s cart value.
  • Open bundles: Group products in sets and offer discounted prices if these products are purchased together.
  • Deals: Offer irresistible deals on your online store to enhance the customer shopping experience and increase sales.
  • Discounts: Attract customers and encourage them to buy through attractive discounts.
  • Coupons :Boost your sales by offering your customers coupons on specific products and items.

Product questions & reviews

  • Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. With the product reviews tool, you can allow customers to rate your products and post reviews. Not only does it help influence purchase decisions, it also generates trust and credibility to your brand.

Abandoned cart recovery

  • Motivate your customers to recover their abandoned shopping basket and trigger purchase by sending them personalized emails reminding them where they’ve left off.

    Live chat

    • Leverage the power of direct communication. Instant customer service is becoming an unavoidable requirement from customers. You can use chat tools, such as Whatsapp, to offer a personalized service, directly answer questions and ultimately, trigger purchase.

    Gift card

    • Gift cards are the most common gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations or any other special event. By enabling this add-on, your customers will feel more confident to offer gifts their way and the receiver will get to shop according to his/her preferences.

    Multi-vendor marketplace

    • create a marketplace where merchants can create their own profiles and sell their products through your store.

    Product discovery

    • Intuitive navigation and product discovery powered by AI such as product recommendation, smart search, upselling, cross-selling widgets and more at every step of your customer’s journey.