Create, Manage and Grow your Online Business

Benefit from our all-in-one ecommerce platform to reach your goals.

Create your Online Presence

Customer experience focused and responsive themes

  • Offer a personalized and convenient shopping experience. Our theme editor delivers beautiful, customizable, content driven, and responsive templates.

Theme editor

  • Easily customize every section of your homepage and create as many landing pages as needed to increase your conversions. Our theme editor is very intuitive and dynamic. Add and edit your sections and drag and drop them as you like. Use our template library of sections and get creative!

Customizable HTML and CSS

  • Need to fine tune your theme? No problem. Each theme can be customized even further using our HTML and CSS editor.
  • Learn how you can customize the code here.

Custom domain

  • Your domain is your identity on the web.
  • “Once you sign up, you’ll get a free ecomz domain name ( which you can replace by your own custom domain ( later on.
    learn all about domains and how to purchase one here.

Secure and reliable cloud hosting

  • Make your customer come back with our remarketing tools such as emailing, exchange and return, loyalty programs and testimonials.
  • By improving repurchase rates.

Organize your products efficiently

  • Classify and organize your products into departments, categories and subcategories, group them into collections, tag them for easy search, add specs for filtering and product options to create different variations. We got everything covered!

Bulk product update

  • You can enter products manually or use our easy import and export tool in excel format to update your products data in bulk including images, product translations, inventory & pricing. You can also use our bulk edit tool to update your content on the go.

Payment management

  • Cash and credit card payments.
  • Multiple payment methods by shipping zone.
  • Multiple payment gateways by currency.
  • Multi-currency conversion and payments at checkout.


  • Are you looking to open multiple stores? If your business model requires having different stores by country, region or type of products, we can easily help you create and manage all your stores through one account thanks to our multi-store add on.

Inventory management

  • track your store’s inventory without breaking a sweat.
  • Accept and fulfil backorders.
  • Reserve and release inventory..
  • Manage consignments and returns
  • learn more about your basic inventory here.

Multi-warehouse inventory management

  • Create one or multiple warehouses, configure them by priority, ship your inventory from one or many locations for better costs and faster delivery.

Tax management

  • Set tax rates according to country and/or region (state).
  • Compound taxes or add them.
  • Use one tax rate instead of another.
  • Decide whether or not to include taxes within your displayed prices.
  • Charge taxes on shipping rate.

User accounts and roles

  • Assign a role to each member of your team and grant them appropriate levels of control.

Easy order flow

  • Increase your overall operational efficiency.
  • Track and manage inventory and orders thanks to our built-in order management feature. Handle everything related to taxes, create orders, filter them and process them seamlessly.