Create, Manage and Grow your Online Business

Benefit from our all-in-one ecommerce platform to reach your goals.

Increase customer retention

Exchange and returns

  • Show your customers flexible and fair return policies to generate trust, and most notably guarantee satisfaction. This will result in additional repeated purchases and will further drive loyalty. Return policies can include exchanges, refunds or store credits.

Mailing lists

  • Easily customize every section of your homepage and create as many landing pages as needed to increase your conversions. Our theme editor is very intuitive and dynamic. Add and edit your sections and drag and drop them as you like. Use our template library of sections and get creative!

Easy shipment manager

  • Use our shipment manager tool to manage shipments in one place and group them by destination or provider. Our easy pick, pack, ship feature helps you fulfil the right orders on time with a native shipping rate calculator that accurately measures shipping fees, which avoid bad surprises during checkout or delivery.
  • Deliver the perfect order.

Shipment rate calculator

  • Manage shippers by shipping zones and systematize your shipping fees.
    assign different shipping rates according to zones, package size, and weight range
    offer and configure free shipping on orders that exceed certain amounts

    Click here to learn how to set your shipping rates.

    Shipment tracking

    • Do not make your customers wonder when they will be receiving their package. Provide them with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) pre and post checkout so they can plan their order and day accordingly.
    • Give visibility and transparency

    Organize your products efficiently

    • Add an author to each quote
    • Inspire trust and credibility
    • Change font style
    • Choose where to show your testimonials
    • Post authentic customer testimonials on your home page.