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20% of your customers generate 80% of your revenue

Grow your revenue thanks to built-in sales booster features.

Ecomz allows your customers to exchange products with money easily

Show flexibility.

Show your customers flexible and fair return policies to generate trust, and most notably guarantee satisfaction. This will result in additional repeated purchases and will further drive loyalty. Return policies can include exchanges, refunds or store credits.

Ecomz allows you to integrate with shipping solutions and control the shipping process on the website

Deliver the perfect order.

Use our shipment manager tool to manage shipments in one place and group them by destination or provider. Our easy pick, pack, ship feature helps you fulfil the right orders on time with a native shipping rate calculator that accurately measures shipping fees, which avoid bad surprises during checkout or delivery.

Ecomz allows you to create digital loyalty cards to retain your customers

Reward your customers.

Activate personalized loyalty cards by giving away points, special promotions or giveaways to reward your returning customers and increase their cart value. Loyalty cards are also a great tool to generate data and insights on your customer's buying behavior.

Ecomz helps you email all your clients simultaneously

Keep in touch with your customers.

Keep the relationship going by sending your customers personalized emails to inform them of the latest collection, offer them exclusive deals or special discounts and celebrate them on their birthdays with personalized promotions, etc.

Ecomz lays out all of the shipping process infornt of you

Give visibility and transparency

Do not make your customers wonder when they will be receiving their package. Provide them with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) pre and post checkout so they can plan their order and day accordingly.

 Ecomz allows you to to put your customer testimonials on your ecommerce website

Share what your customers have to say.

Post authentic testimonials to show your customers how valuable they are to your business and generate credibility and trust among potential buyers in the process.

Lea Rai owner of Lina Rai Jewellery Couture giving a testimonial about ecomz.
We are delighted by the quality of ecomz’ services and appreciate their responsiveness and professionalism. We look forward to building  a successful partnership.
Lina Rai Jewellery Couture
Lina Rai

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