The Effects of Coronavirus on Ecommerce in KSA

Hasan Daouk

The ecommerce industry has been rising before the coronavirus outbreak, however this incident acted as a catalyst and bu

The Effects of Coronavirus on Ecommerce in KSA

The ecommerce revolution has become a worldwide phenomenon. In KSA, the pandemic has affected several sectors, specifically food retailers, entertainment and health. Many retailers have shifted to ecommerce and this resulted in a 200% increase in sales, demand has increased by 50% and online sale promotions increased by 400%.  


The kingdom has been encouraging its citizens to shop online instead of offline using electronic applications to shop from stores, restaurants and cafes, and prevent transmission of the virus. There are also several Saudi companies working in the area of order delivery where they provide various commodities and services at home through their electronic applications. 


We created this recap of a study done by DRC & Tejartech in May 2020 to help you discover the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ecommerce in KSA with the focus on the consequences on the business sector and the consumer purchase behavior.


Here is an overview of the study: 

  • The main sectors which were mainly using ecommerce during the pandemic are food retailers, entertainment and health. 
  • Retailers partnered with delivery applications for logistics resulting in creation of delivery jobs. 
  • A spike in Google search results in areas retailed to entertainment, cooking recipes, primary food supplies, cooking material and self-care products.



In such difficult times, it is best to stay close to your customers. Companies who invest in their core customer values and forecast their behaviors are the ones who often excel. Consumer demand is low but didn’t disappear - people have greatly shifted toward online shopping for all types of products. As part of their strategy for omnichannel delivery, organizations should invest in shifting online; this includes guaranteeing the quality of products sold online. Customers’ changing preferences are not likely to go back to pre-outbreak norms.





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