Ecomz Vs Zid

Hasan Daouk

Discover more about ecomz and Zid in this comparison chart and check which platform best fits your business needs.

Ecomz Vs Zid

Ecommerce is becoming the go-to-solution in response to the changing shopping dynamic. It has been redefining consumption as we know it, creating new experiences and generating growth opportunities for both small, medium-sized businesses (SMB) and large businesses. 

There are alot of opportunities to seek in the ecommerce industry and investing in building an online store would definitely be a wise business decision. In order to build your dream shop, you need to check which ecommerce platform best aligns with your business goals and caters for the Middle East. In this blog, we are going to compare two most leading website builders in the MENA: ecomz and Zid.

What is Zid?

Zid is a Saudi ecommerce management startup established in 2017 that helps merchants create their online stores. Their solution allows merchants to create an ecommerce website without any technical skills. 

Zid offers the following necessary features to manage your online business:

  • Shipping and payment gateways integration
  • Inventory management
  • Supports multilingual and various currencies 

It follows a freemium subscription model that enables merchants to start their online store for free with basic functionality and up to 10 products. The subscription starts from $26.66 per month and can go up to $106.6 per month. 

What is ecomz?

Ecomz is an award-winning ecommerce platform driven by a passionate team of experts and innovators in the world of ecommerce and backed by institutional investors such as the World Bank and leading VCs in the region. It is powered by advanced store-builder capabilities, aesthetical CX-focused themes, a comprehensive suite of AI and machine learning powered tools, in addition to innovative multichannel integrations. It provides its clients with unparalleled local support and guidance focusing on a professional, transparent and growth-driven approach. Their paid plans start from $4.99 per month and go up to $249.99 per month. 

Ecomz is designed to help merchants grow thanks to its ability to:

  • Drive traffic with its traffic boosters tools
  • Drive engagement via its customer experience optimization tools
  • Increase conversions thanks to its built-in sales booster features
  • Boost retention using remarketing apps
  • Increase order size via its product recommendation & upsell & cross-sell features
  • Integrate with apps for optimal store functionality
  • Maximize ROI by analyzing and optimizing your store’s performance with simple and efficient analytics

Discover more about ecomz and Zid in this comparison chart and check which platform best fits your business needs.

Discover more about ecomz and Zid in this comparison chart and check hich platform best fits your business needs.

Once you decide the best platform to go with, it would be a good idea to get in touch with both companies' customer service. You will likely communicate with the customer support a lot as your store starts growing, so make sure they answer quickly and to the point, and understand you easily. 


Ecomz operates in more than 55 countries, serving more than 7,000 merchants helping them generate over $50M in sales. Named 2018 Top 5 B2B website by Seamless Conference, 2017 Top 10 Business by ArabNet, Ecomz has also been recognized by Google, Disrupt San Francisco (TechCrunch) and MIT Silicon Valley Program for its achievements and has been awarded by the 2018 Touch Innovation Program (TIP) and BLC Bank’s 2018 Brilliant Lebanese Award (BLA).

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