Magento vs Ecomz

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Before making your decision, take a look at this review, tackling the differences between Magento and Ecomz

Magento vs Ecomz

Selling your products online has many factors that determine how successful the business will be. The most critical is choosing the right platform that suits your exact needs. Both Magento and Ecomz are ecommerce platforms with great features and characteristics but one attribute seems to make all the difference. One is Self-Hosted, while the other is hosted.

Self-Hosted vs Hosted

There are two types of ecommerce platforms available for you to choose from, which makes the distinction between the two more noticeable: Self-Hosted and Hosted.

Self-Hosted ecommerce platform

A self-hosted platform is an open-source software that you buy and download in order to run it. It generally gives more flexibility to the user to customize the design and the functions of the store. A self-hosted website requires the employment of a hosting company, personal management, and constant maintenance. One of the best examples is Magento.

Hosted ecommerce platform

A hosted platform is usually the easier and faster method to build your online store, regardless whether the user was a professional or an amateur. The hosting company provides everything; from a user friendly interface, to the ability to completely design the look and features of the store, to software updates and maintenance. This means that a hosted platform will make it easier for the user to build and start their ecommerce website, but limits his ability to modify, add and design since it is not open source. An example of a hosted ecommerce platform would be Ecomz.

Ecomz vs Magento

What to choose?

Both platforms are great for starting and running your online store but there are a few factors which help you make a faster decision

Choosing Magento

Magento offers total control on all the aspects of your store, the user is not limited by anything since it is an open-source software that can be modified upon desire. Nevertheless, this requires a deep knowledge in software coding or one should hire a team to create, manage, and maintain the store which can be time and money consuming. It doesn’t offer customer service and can require a hosting upgrade it the business owner wishes to expand the website or there’s an unusual increase in traffic. Furthermore, the store owner is required to conduct necessary periodic updates in order to keep the website safe and secure.

Choosing Ecomz

On the other hand, Ecomz takes care of all the hard work and the worrying issues for a relatively small fee every month (depending on the plan). Setting up the store can be done quite fast without any skills whatsoever, you can also let the in-house design, software, and marketing experts take care of all the technical work required to create and maintain the store, as well as fix any issue. In addition, customer service is available 24/7 to answer, help, and fix any issue that you might face while using Ecomz.

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