Ecomz Vs Shopify

Nizar Zgheib

Learn the difference between two hosted ecommerce platforms to make your decision in accordance

Ecomz Vs Shopify

Ecomz and Shopify are online ecommerce platforms created to help merchants sell their products on the internet. They are hosted solutions, which means that they require no download or installation and you can run them directly from your web browser.

Before settling on one of those platforms, you must consider all the characteristics to evaluate which one fits your specific goal the best.


Shopify is an online ecommerce platform that gives the user the ability to create an online store to sell physical or digital products. It is a hosted ecommerce solution, hence it gives the merchant the chance to customize, upload, accept payments, and more, without requiring a coding knowledge, for a monthly fee in return.


Ecomz is a smart ecommerce website builder that is completely cloud hosted.

It delivers a professional, profitable, end-to-end e-commerce service for those who seek it.

Ecomz provides fully customizable layouts, practical themes, and an advanced up-to-date software.

The platform is very user-friendly which gives the chance to non-experts to swiftly create and start selling their product with minimal effort and complications.


Let’s start by listing the similarities between both platforms in order to create an establishing ground from which we can then proceed to study the differences.


  • Both platforms allow you to build an online store without the need to learn how to write code or design anything yourself. Everything you need is already provided.
  • Both platforms offer a great amount of customizable templates  to try and meet everyone’s targeted requirement.
  • Despite being hosted platforms, both Ecomz and Shopify offer the chance for coding experts to have more control and flexibility over the store’s customization.
  • Both platforms are software as a service tool (SAAS) which means that the user pays a monthly fee in order to use Ecomz or Shopify without owning the software.


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