ecomz proudly presents: The multilingual feature!

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Learn how to translate your website to any language you desire to reach more clients and boost your sales

ecomz proudly presents: The multilingual feature!

What’s the use of having a website that your customers don’t understand? Using our new multilingual feature, you’ll be able to automatically translate your website into different languages with just a few clicks.

This is great news for all ecomz users! You can finally translate your website into a language that your customers prefer. After you activate your language from the features section on your website’s backend, you’ll be able to translate your entire website into that new language. Here’s the list of languages we’ve compiled so far:

English, French, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Russian, Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Our system supports automatic and manual translation so that you can edit those words that turned out a little different than what you intended. We’re using the most advanced technology (neural translation) in order to ensure the most accurate translation possible. You’ll even be able to edit static keywords and call to action buttons. After you activate the language and translate your  content, any new text you add to your website will be instantly translated once it is published on your store and your customers will be able to choose their language of preference from the top right of your website.

Note: You can add more than one language.

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