A merchant’s cheat sheet: 21 Holidays you should be prepared for

Georges Bchara

All important holidays from all around the world combined in one chart that every retailer and e-tailer should know.

A merchant’s cheat sheet: 21 Holidays you should be prepared for

Throughout the year, all merchants are given numerous opportunities to increase their sales and subsequently their revenues. These occasions and festivities are scattered all around the calendar, retailers and e-tailers alike should ready their marketing and advertising campaigns in order to maximize their benefit from these recurring chances.

Here’s a detailed list pointing out when (and how) you should start preparing for any important occasion or festivity around the world:

*The dates of these holidays or occasions are not fixed and may vary every year.


In this highly competitive and ever-expanding field, it’s imperative to stay on edge and ahead of the opposition and we’re giving you all the information you need to do just that!

Check out our other post on the subject to gain more detailed insight on some of the most important holidays and occasions around the world.

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