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Our new Homepage Editor is here!

Ecomz Team

Modifying your homepage has never been easier. Check it out and start your online store now

Our new Homepage Editor is here!

Remember how we said that Your homepage was the most important part of your website?  Well, we redesigned it from the back-end to make it easier for you to modify its different sections.

To add sections to your homepage, just go to customize themes then select homepage layout from your theme editor. There you will be able to add a multitude of different sections such as banners of all types (images with text), slideshows, featured products, a newsletter section, etc… Preview image galleries, collections, blog posts, your instagram feed highlight certain products on your homepage and more. Also, we’ve given you the option of customizing your own section. You’ll be able to link every one of these sections back to its related page, and if that’s not enough, we’ve allowed you to add up to 20 small image blocks which will function as icons which can link back to different sections of your online store. Enjoy editing every last bit of your homepage!

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