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How to Prepare Your Online Business for Ramadan

Abed Fleifel

6 things you absolutely must do to prepare your online business for Ramadan

How to Prepare Your Online Business for Ramadan

This year's month of Ramadan is not like any other, new selling channels have been adopted by retailers worldwide to satisfy the new consumer purchasing habits cultivated since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Shoppers around the world will be looking for interesting offers and promotions, and are searching for the best online store to fulfill their Ramadan needs.

Because your Ramadan sales and marketing playbook from last year is not enough, we have gathered 6 things you absolutely must do to prepare your online business for Ramadan, increase your ROI, and build long lasting relationships with your customers. 

  1. Target customers during Iftar and Suhoor 

During Ramadan, people tend to shift their online purchasing habits by visiting online stores during the night, specifically after Iftar when they break their fasting and Suhoor when they are preparing to fast for the day ahead. Traffic to ecommerce websites shockingly increases by about  152% between 3:00 am and 6:00 am. It is crucial to understand your customer’s online activity patterns so you can design a content and advertising strategy that targets customers at the right time to increase your ROI on marketing activities. 

After you know when to target your customers, you can unleash your creativity using the latest technologies to promote your products and get your name out there. For your email marketing strategy, Ecomz stores can integrate with Mailchimp, Sendgrid, and Mailerlite to create engaging emails that fit your brand for you to reach your customers at the right time.  

Establishing an emotional connection with your customers during Ramadan goes a long way, and WhatsApp can help you with that. With Ecomz, you can integrate WhatsApp with your ecommerce site and allow customers to reach you whenever they want, and you can also send them heartfelt messages before Iftar and Suhoor to make their meals a little more special. 

  1. Update website’s theme

You should give your website the Ramadan feel and look. Your banners, buttons, and product pages should feature the Ramadan theme to excite your customers and put them in the perfect mood when shopping at your ecommerce site. Your Theme must give the same feeling as when your customers enter a retail store or mall during Ramadan, that’s why Ecomz has created an advanced theme builder to allow you to always adjust your colors and designs to the current holidays and trends.

  1. Create bundles and promotions

Who doesn’t love an attractive Ramadan promotion? Customers are expecting promotions and bundles on your products during Ramadan, and here are some Ecomz solutions you need to apply to create the perfect promotions on your online store:


Coupons are a great way to introduce your store to newcomers, so make sure to create coupons for your popular products to increase your customer base.

Time-bound Discounts

Time-bound discounts create a sense of urgency for your shoppers because they wouldn’t want to miss out on such low prices and if they do they'll be waiting for your next discounts to drop.

Open Bundles

With open bundles, you can  give your customers irresistible offers by combining relevant items together for a discounted price. 

Gift Cards

Ramadan is the time for giving, your shoppers will absolutely be looking for ways to send your amazing products to their friends and families. That’s exactly why using gift cards  on your site would increase your sales and word of mouth marketing. 

  1. Use an Mcommerce strategy

“Mobile commerce sales are projected to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021—22.3 percent more than the $2.91 trillion it registered in 2021.” - statista

Mcommerce is already making the headlines as the future of ecommerce and the numbers prove this trend. Smartphones have been driving more site visits than any other device for the past couple of years when desktops were always the leaders in terms of conversions.

Mcommerce is very useful during Ramadan, when your shoppers are more active on their social media profiles and watching youtube on their phones.

Our experts believe that these are the best steps for your Mcommerce strategy during Ramadan:

  • Optimize your storefront and inside pages to fit mobile phones
  • Add beautiful product pictures and easy to access descriptions
  • Simplify the cart and payment pages by removing annoying forms

  1. Create games and competitions

Keeping your audience engaged during Ramadan is challenging, people often get bored of the typical ad campaigns and product promotions you run, and here is where you need to get creative. Implementing game ideas and giveaways on your social media pages and website is going to differentiate you  from competitors, make your brand memorable, and help you engage your audience all throughout the buyer’s journey. 

Simple game examples you can apply: 

  1. Ramadan themed social media games like crossword puzzles or trivia questions
  2. Reviews and ratings on your website that generate points for your customers
  3. User-generated content competitions on social media (get your audience to film themselves performing an action with your products or brand while tagging their own audience) 

  1. Retarget your customers

If you integrate with the proper tracking tools, your Ramadan marketing and website strategy should gain you lifetime customers. Ecomz has made sure to partner with the best tracking tools for your ecommerce website so you can have all the data you need to increase your ROI on marketing activities.

The tracking tools are: 

Google Analytics: Monitors and analyzes your store performance 

Google Optimize: Implements and monitors your online marketing campaign

Facebook Pixel: Tracks and optimizes conversions from Facebook ads, builds targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.


Ramadan is a time for love, forgiveness, and building relationships. Don’t forget to convey the essence of this sacred month in all of your business activities and marketing campaigns. 

This Ramadan, you have the chance to nurture relationships with your current customers and create new bonds with potential customers, so make sure to capitalize on this opportunity. 

If you have any more questions about preparing your online business for Ramadan, please Book a call with our experts, we’d love to help!

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